Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Top of pink magnolia tree in full blossom against a blue sky.

Two months have flown by and my Magnolia has gone from budding to flowering to just leaves, leaving a pink carpet on the ground.

Pink magnolia flowers close to.

Mid March found it in full bloom. This brings the year of following this tree pretty much full circle.

Individual magnolia flowers.

It wasn't the only thing in bloom. The warmer, lengthening days brought out many other things as well. Especially in April, as seen below.

Red rhododendron flower with leaves around

The Rhododendron is the state flower of Washington state. They come in many colors, blooming at different times. 

Lots of red rhododendron flowers in a row.

They are very woody plants, some getting as tall as smaller trees!

Plant with long leaves and (bottlebrush style?) flowers against blue sky

During a walk in a local wetland park area, I found this lovely specimen, standing tall into the blue sky.

Double trunked tree.

So many things coming to life in the spring! Who will be my next tree? 

Maybe this beautiful Eucalyptus on the bluff? I don't know.

We had a lovely evening strolling along the bluff, cameras ready, waiting for the perfect sunset.

Trees with tall, thin trunks and sunset beyond water.

And it didn't disappoint!
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Thursday, 12 March 2015

The warmer days in the PNW have brought out the Magnolia buds big time. Within 2 weeks time there have been big changes.

The picture dated Feb. 28 has many very small buds on it.

The picture dated Mar. 4 shows the buds have grown much larger and show a lot more pink.

In the close ups the comparisons show a lot better. The photos are all dated as to when I took them.

In this close up some of the flowers resemble tulips, thus making the Magnolia tree sometimes called a “tulip tree.”
But is isn’t a real tulip tree.

I put a couple of cuttings of buds in the house and watched them bloom. Picture included here. In the past I have done that with other flowering trees or bushes as well if cuttings are taken when buds are close to opening.  They look very pretty when displayed in a vase

This close up of an opening bud shows more detail. The outer leaf like “skins” fall off as the bud opens fully.
The lawn is covered with them as the flowers on the tree open up in one of the pictures.
A small green leaf has started to appear on this cutting.

The furry, cocoon-like skins here have fallen off the budding flowers on the tree. There must be a technical name for these.

By the time the April report comes around I expect the tree to be fully in bloom and maybe even dropping a lot of the flower petals. By then the leaves should be coming on.